velotha's flock Released!

Today marks the official release of velotha's flock Early Bird Edition, which is a little bit awkward because it's not actually online yet (such is life, after all).
velotha's flock is a bit of a passion project, something that we did in our spare time in-between work on Segira and Hammercalled. Segira's still not finished, in case anyone's afraid they missed anything.
For those who haven't been following our Twitter, it's a free verse game of were-ravens. I think people might get a kick out of it, though it's pretty experimental.
The plan for right now is to continue on with playtesting and polish through May, when we'll release the rough version of the Hammercalled Roleplaying Game officially. At that point, our emphasis will be entirely focused on Hammercalled-related work, so we'll sort of tie a bow around velotha's flock.
velotha's flock early bird editionThis is the cover of the early bird edition of velotha's flock.

New Site

We finally have a new, professional looking site because our Head Honcho decided to stop being lazy and set one up.

Over the course of the next week, we're hoping to have a playtesters' draft of Segira: 1985 and the first Legacy of Eight novella published, so stay tuned for more information.

For those of us just joining the party, Segira: 1985 is our take on classic roleplaying games that features an alternative Cold War setting where battlesuits and powered armor join combined arms on the frontlines of a brutal civil war in Eastern Europe that threatens to shift the balance of power.