Loreshapers 2015 Contest Week 1 Update

Posted by LoreshapersStuff on January 6, 2015

The Loreshapers Game Design contest is going strong, and we have our first entrants!

Starguides was the first entry I received; it's a game by Łukasz "Skavenloft" Kołodziej, Michał "vonMansfeld" Przygodzki, and Szymon "Noobirus" Piecha. It is available in both English and Polish, and is an entry for the 72-hour competition. You can find it here and over on 1km1kt, and it is available in both English and Polish.

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, this short game puts players in the role of stars guiding wanderers toward each other.

Starguide (English)

Starguide (Polish)

We also have Empty Roads, a game by Tamás Kisbali (who goes by Evil Scientist on the 1km1kt forums). You can find it for download below.

Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0, this game has players control a shared protagonist as they go on a road trip and meet strangers.

Empty Roads

So far, we've got two promising entries. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the 24-hour section of the competition ends on January 10th, while the 72-hour section will run through the 19th.