December 2018

Segira Released!

We have now released Segira: 1985 on DriveThruRPG! It's been a long march to release, but it's finished and you can get it now for free or make a donation if you want.

Segira: 1985 is the first full Hammercalled product; it features rules for character creation, a sample adventure, and a mostly complete implementation of the Hammercalled ruleset as it currently stands (it lacks vehicle and gear creation, which didn't fit well in the alternate-history universe) to provide fast but deep mechanics for storytelling.

A Quick Update

We've been writing daily updates on Steem for a while now, but I've let the website updates slide because we haven't really been keeping to our planned product release schedule. However, a lot of things have changed and it looks like we might actually be able to keep on our release schedule going forward, but I'd like to go over some of the events that have transpired since I last updated the site.

We released the Hammercalled Quick-Start on DriveThruRPG, giving the world its first taste of a Hammercalled experience beyond the rules reference, which isn't really designed to be used to play the game so much as build variants of it.

We also released Waystation Deimos, a Resistance toolbox based transhuman survival horror game, on DriveThruRPG.

The plan right now is to release Segira: 1985 on December 24, and it will be the first full-fledged Hammercalled game that supports an almost complete Hammercalled ruleset (gear and vehicle creation rules will be omitted), and we'll move on from there to Hwaet, a velotha's flock deluxe edition, and a Hammercalled-based experience set in our Othenar fantasy universe.

See you Monday!