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The Loreshaper 2015 Competition has been judged and results have been posted!

Congratulations to all our participants!

Loreshaper 2015 Competition Results

2015 Loreshapers Game Design Contest

The Loreshapers 2015 tabletop game design contest has officially begun. This year's theme is “Meeting Strangers”. Sponsored by Stuffer Shack, it has both a 24-hour and a 72-hour component. Entrants may work individually to create a game of no more than 8000 words in length over the course of 24-hours, or in a group of up to three to create a game of 12000 words of length or less. Tabletop roleplaying games are preferred, with a Game Master and players. Entries should be free of graphic language and imagery (safe for work, PG-13, etc.).

The contest runs through January 10th for 24-hour games and January 19th for 72-hour games. The final deadline on each of these days is midnight MST. Entries should be submitted in PDF format to entries@loreshapers.net by e-mail as an attachment or via link. Games must be licensed under a Creative Commons license, the Open Game License, or a similar license that permits free redistribution. Entries compliant with the rules will be published on loreshapers.net, in addition to anywhere else that their creators wish for them to be published.

Prizes are provided by Stuffer Shack, and include a $10 Amazon, DriveThruRPG, or Stuffer Shack gift certificate for the 24-hour competition, and a $30 gift card to one of the same for the 72-hour competition!

Games will be scored by a panel of judges on the following criteria, and a composite score will be made available by the end of April, 2015. Finalists will be selected at that time, and winners will be declared by the end of June, 2015. Scores will be reported on a scale of 1-10.

  • Design: Is your game playable? Are the rules clearly written? Does it give the GM/Players a headache?
  • Theme: Do your mechanics fit the intent of the game? Did you follow the competition theme?
  • Appeal: Is your work well-edited and clear of grammar mistakes? Does your typesetting assist play? Is your art appealing and engaging?
  • Authenticity: Did you make the judges emote? Is it just an attempt to win the prize, or is it coherently made with care? More importantly, did you comply with team size and word limit restrictions?

Sample games made following the contest rules are available here (24 hour) and here (72 hour); these games were made with the theme of “Go Big or Go Home”.