Segira: 1985

Segira: 1985 is a lite modern combat game focused on an alt-history Cold War conflict. Featuring a mixture of fast, simple rules and squad-based play, it aims to achieve a mixture of realism with simple rules that anyone can enjoy.


Segira's ruleset revolves around a central pool of dice, which is then whittled down to a kept pool of successes. By limiting the maximum outcome the more outlandish and unrealistic outcomes can be limited, but characters still get good at what they do and have a reasonable expectation of success at simple tasks.

As part of our commitment to free and open games, Segira: 1985 is licensed under our Tabletop Attribution License, which means that you are free to modify and redistribute it without paying us a cent. You can even make third-party content and sell it without any issues under the Segira: Revolution imprint (as opposed to the Segira: 1985 imprint used for official content), or use the rules and setting independently by giving us attribution.

As of October 2017, Segira is entering its public playtest release. There may be issues and concerns with the text, but it is fully playable and includes final illustrations and formatting.



When will Segira be available, and where is it available?

Segira will be available mid-October 2017 on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want title.

What supplies do I need to play Segira?

All you need to play are the core rulebook, 6-sided dice, and character sheets.

What resources exist for Segira?

The playtest version of Segira includes a basic character sheet and vehicle record sheet, as well as form-fillable versions of the same.