Cybrine Dreams Update #4

Now that Consoles and Controllers is out, I’m back to just Cybrine Dreams and Kenoma again. There are still some visual updates to make for Consoles and Controllers, but I haven’t yet figured out exactly what I want to do.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to spend most of this week getting Cybrine Dreams going at full pace. Since the game jam I’m planning to submit it to ends in March, I figure this should give me enough time to get it going out the door while not off-shifting Kenoma too much.

The State of Cybrine Dreams

Right now Cybrine Dreams is setting complete, or very nearly setting complete. My goal today and tomorrow is to go through the whole setting and wrap it up so that there isn’t anything else to worry about in the main section.

This should be fairly easy, though part of this is keeping everything on brand. There aren’t many concrete setting details, since Cybrine Dreams is more about giving a vibe than layering too much detail, and the players and GM go into the creation of specifics.

I should point out that this is deliberate. The core rulebook is a template for Cybrine Dreams, and unique characters, items, and the like can be formed by looking at things in them and then making an alteration. For instance, a sanctified weapon cannot flourish, making its ability in combat fall to just doing damage directly.

But a sacred relic might have a flourish ability, making it highly effective for Faith-based fighters. It could otherwise emulate a standard weapon.

While the character creation section is almost done, the actual player starting options are pretty heavily varied and I want to make sure they all feel like they’re alive. Right now, the things that need the most work are the Callings, which are the professions a character may have belonged to before they took the draught. This is waiting on gear.

The core mechanic with the deck and hands is completed, so along with the final character options all that remains is to flesh out the special encounter types. Combat and the Synod are definitely going to be fleshed out as encounters, and we can handle most other sorts of encounters as generics, with rules in the book to help GMs set that up.

To-Do This Week

This week I’m going to do a setting pass plus edit (today/tomorrow), with character stuff (tomorrow plus Wednesday). Then I hope to get combat working to the point where I can playtest it, which will probably use up the rest of the week through next Monday.

Meanwhile I’m going to keep forward progress on Kenoma. I’ve been getting some setting and very minor character building tweaks in there, as well as intro fiction for a number of the factions. My goal is to have a piece of intro fiction for each faction and setting section, basically all the player-facing bits. I’m not going to bother with fiction for the GM sections, at least not until later in the development progress.

I also intend to finish my Alcove illustration. I’ve been putting it off because I’m not happy with the styles, but I’m just going to do a version that’s not particularly time consuming, is flexible enough to let me refine and update it later, and call it good for now.

That’s important because it’s a blocker on the Quickstart v1 for DriveThruRPG.

Other stuff to do this week is to figure out some improvements for Consoles and Controllers v1 to get the images finalized, to neaten the character sheets up a little and provide them as an optional .zip file so that you can have them on their own instead of just in the bigger booklet.

I might also do a sample adventure and supporting stuff for Consoles and Controllers, but I just don’t think that it’s going to be something that fits well with what Consoles and Controllers is.

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