Glassmakers’ Fall Launch Announcement

Over the weekend I took some of my time that I wasn’t using for Kenoma to work on a side-project.

That side-project is ready for public consumption!

It’s a small tabletop RPG called Glassmakers’ Fall. Set in a fantasy world based on ancient history, it’s got a twist: players are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse!

It’s a tie-in for my serial novel Aspects of Sand that I’m relaunching in 2022.

It has narrative-first mechanics with a simple d12-powered system, making it accessible to newcomers. With a total length of 13 pages (not counting the cover), it’s designed for a single pickup and play session, or you can expand to a campaign using our optional Advanced Rules for character advancement.

Play is fast, with danger behind every corner. Suffer a Setback and your character will roll fewer dice, and getting bitten means certain death!

You can find it now on or DriveThruRPG.

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