Kenoma Quickstart Launch Announcement

It’s finally here.

The Kenoma Quickstart is now live on!

It’s been a frantic few weeks, and I’m sure there are some things that are going to require fixing sooner rather than later, but it’s out and you can play it right now!

The Quickstart is self-contained with all the rules, setting, and sample characters you need to play Kenoma.

I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on with the world, so here are some screenshots from inside the book!

This is technically the version 0 release, so I’m expecting some minor changes between now and the future. I did a quick read-through for style and to fix obvious issues, but there are probably places where I’ve forgotten things or where my wording could be made clearer.

I’d also expect some minor changes to balance and characters based on feedback and the further development of the Kenoma core rulebook, though I don’t think this will be anything too astonishing at this point. There are likely to be a lot of numerical adjustments, but the Hammercalled system I derived Kenoma from got years of tweaks and adjustments to be where it is today.

There will also hopefully be a few illustrations. I intend to add illustrations showing Alcove-3, one of the locations in the adventure, and possibly some other elements.

But I’m happy with how everything went together. For the layout, I went with a fairly simple off-white background with text, and I think that pulls together very simple elements in a way that is visually striking and doesn’t detract from any of the content in the book.

The next step is to work on the core rulebook. This will probably get a very early access release once it’s more content-complete, so that anyone who is looking for more after the Quickstart can get their fix, but I wouldn’t expect to see a typeset version of the game until March, and I’m leaving my window open.

Still, I think Kenoma is a breakthrough for Loreshaper Games. It’s professional in a way that we’ve been moving toward, but haven’t quite achieved because my more recent projects weren’t large enough to make use of the skills I’ve gained over the years.

It’s free, so go check it out!

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